‘Snow’ is what drug-dealers and policemen call cocaine, the deadly white powder that has ruined millions of lives.  And when Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox of the Flying Squad finds traces of it at the scene of a brutal double murder, he knows that this is not the ordinary gangland killing that his boss at first believes.

In his search for the killers, Fox discovers that drug-smugglers are leaving the ‘snow’ at a ‘drop’ on the perimeter of Heathrow Airport to be collected by a contact.  It seems all too simple, not least to Her Majesty’s Customs who are involved with Fox’s enquiries from the outset.

A suave hotelier, his horse-mad wife and their suspiciously charming circle of friends all feature in Fox’s investigation.  But so do a blonde air hostess working the London-Rio route, and a ruthless killer who blows away his enemies with a shotgun.  Fox is convinced that everyone of them is somehow implicated.  And with HM Customs putting on pressure for a result, Fox must do everything in his power to prove it.

© Graham Ison 2017