Breach of Privilege

When Hugh Blakemore, the Member of Parliament for Millingham, is shot dead near a bus stop in the Fulham Road, DCI Harry Brock and DS Dave Poole are assigned to the case.

But there is a complication that, at first, misleads the detectives: months previously, Blakemore killed an inmate when visiting a prison.  Although Blakemore was exonerated, Brock is convinced that underworld characters had exacted revenge.

In an investigation that has more ups and downs than a game of snakes and ladders, and more lies than a villain’s alibi, the MP’s widow, her ex-husband and their daughter, actresses, American gangsters and a string of petty criminals all feature, along with a hint of corruption and blackmail.

Are they all conspirators, or is there one mastermind behind it all?

© Graham Ison 2017